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Local Governing Committee (LGC)

The Local Governing Committee currently comprises of the following members:

  • Mary Adair - Chair of LGC and Co-Opted Member
  • Jennie Ratcliff- Headteacher and Ex-Officio Staff Member
  • Michael MacDonagh- Foundation Member
  • Nicki Kong - Staff Member
  • Tony Berry - Ex-Officio Foundation Member
  • Alan Jonas - Ex-Officio Foundation Member
  • Stuart Bateman - Parent Member
  • Anne Borrowdale - Vice Chair of LGC and Foundation Member 
  • Beverley Betts - Parent Member 
  • Debbie Aston - Foundation Member 
  • Judith Packer - Foundation Member 
  • Stephen Welding - General Member 

Governing Bodies have a duty to publish the business interests of their individual governors annually. Details can be found in the document entitled 'Governance Arrangements & Business Interests 2019-2020', listed below.

Details of the governance arrangements within the Good Shepherd Trust and Trust Board membership can be found at

The Trust's Scheme of Delegation, the document that sets out the different levels of accountability within the separate layers of governances within a Multi-Academy Trust, is available below as a download.