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Mrs Jennie Ratcliff

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Assistant Headteachers
Miss Bethan Lucas - KS2, based at the Westcott 
Mrs Hanna Garrick - Reception, KS1, based at the Abinger
Inclusion Leader
Mrs Sam Sawyer - based at both sites
School Business Manager
Mrs Louise Jeffers, based at Westcott 

Phase Leaders

Mrs Hanna Garrick
Years 1 and 2
Mrs Hanna Garrick
Years 3 and 4
Mrs Patricia Coyle
Years 5 and 6
Mrs Nicki Kong

Abinger Site Teachers

Bees - Reception
Mrs Charlotte Phillips 
Mrs Ceri Dutton
Dragonfly - Years 1 and 2
Miss Paris King (Mon, Tues, Wed)
Mrs Rula Asad-Hardo (Thurs and Fri)
Butterfly - Year 2
Mrs Sarah Thompson (Mon, Tues and Wed)
Mrs Hanna Garrick (Thurs and Fri)
Teaching Assistants
Miss Sally Godfrey
Mrs Sarah Hill
Mrs Dawn Potterton
Mrs Donna Sawyers
Miss Kerry Van Loo
Breakfast Club

Miss Sally Godfrey (Mon, Thurs and Fri) 

Mrs Sue Harris (Tues and Wed)

Westcott Site Teachers

Squirrels - Year 3
Miss Amy Thomas
Rabbits - Years 3 and 4
Mrs Patricia Coyle
Hedgehogs - Year 4 
Mrs Sally Squires
Mrs Rosie Grover
Foxes - Year 5
Mr Jack Smith
Badgers - Years 5
Mrs Lauren Kern (Mon, Tues and Wed)
Mrs Sam Sawyer (Thurs and Fri)
Moles - Years 6
Mrs Nicki Kong
PE Teacher
Mrs Carolyn Stowell
Teaching Assistants
Mrs Susan Harris
Mrs Emma Barker
Mrs Beverley Collins
Mrs Tanya Cunningham
Mrs Louise Gale
Mrs Jane Lewis
Mrs Jane Maries
Mrs Katie Nyman
Mrs Elizabeth Witt
Mrs Elaine Wye
Mrs Natalie Baker - Westcott site
Mrs Sarah Hill - Abinger site

Abinger Office Team

Office Administrator
Mrs Trudy Cranfield (Mon and Tues - Abinger, Wed and Thurs - Westcott)
Premises Assistant/Office Administrator
Miss Amanda Greenwood (Wed, Thurs and Fri)

Westcott Office Team

Headteachers PA/Office Administrator
Mrs Sarah Tudor ( (Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri until 3pm)
Office Manager
Mrs Karen Williams (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri until 4.30pm)
Mr Cem Memish - both sites