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Choir—O2 Young Voices

On Wednesday 31st January, the choir took a trip to the O2 Arena to join with lots of other children and entertain a crowd by singing. We couldn’t believe that there were so many children (7800).

First, we caught the Dorking train to Waterloo Station and ate our first packed lunch (we had two packed lunches). Then, we caught the tube. During the tube journey, we had to hold on tight as every time it stopped we wobbled!

When we arrived, there were many schools and banners at the 02. We rehearsed for 3 hours learning to sing in harmony and making changes to the songs.

Then we had our second lunch during our break. Finally, it was time to begin the show! There were many bright lights. And a lot of parents!

During the concert there were lots of entertainers such as: Urban Strides (dancers), Natalie Williams (singer), The Magnets (beat-boxers) and Alfie Sherden (singer and guitar player).

This experience was amazing and we’d all love to go again!" 

By River, Emily, Tabitha and Vaughan – Choir members