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Consultation for Pupil Admission Number (PAN) 18th Oct - 30 Nov 2017

Consultation on a proposed reduction of the published admission number (PAN), with effect from September 2019


The current PAN for Key Stage 1 at Surrey Hills Church of England Primary School is 45, which is equivalent to a class and a half of students. This has proved to pose inherent challenges and cause the school to be vulnerable to changes in national policy. Consequently, the Governing Body has conducted an internal strategic review that has identified the need for a consultation to establish a PAN that is both appropriate and sustainable, whilst continuing to provide education at both the Westcott and Abinger site and meet the demands of the local community.

Specific Proposal

To reduce the PAN of the school from 45 to 30, effective from Reception intake in 2019. There would be no change for children who already have a place at the school. The Governing Body has carefully considered the implications and taken the following into account:

  • The provision of the most appropriate learning environment for all pupils.
  • Sustainable financial planning.
  • The availability of school places for children within our parishes.
  • Future resource planning and management.


To help the Governing Body plan for long-term stability, a consistent structure and a sustainable financial position, providing a secure foundation for high quality educational outcomes for all students.

How to Respond

You are invited to submit comments, via the comment form, about the proposal within the consultation period of 18 October to 30 November 2017 to Mrs Louise Jeffers at Surrey Hills Church of England Primary School by 4pm, 30th November 2017.  

You are also invited to attend a public forum on 1st November 2017, 7-8pm, which will be attended by the Chair of Governor, Head Teacher and representatives from Surrey County Council and the Diocese.

To download a comment form or for further information including parish maps and proposed Admissions Policy for 2019/20, please see the attached forms.