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Parent Comments/Testimonials

"The children and Mrs Nyman were wonderful when they sang for us today, they're a credit to the school." Westcott Village Association, December 2021

"Many thanks for the invite to the assembly, this morning. It was fantastic to see a whole part of the morning dedicated to pupil achievement. Naturally I was a very proud parent and thought that everything from the choice of music to the speeches was superb. A great example for the others to see and aspire too." Parent, September 2021

“I have been meaning to email to express my thanks to all the Year 4 and 6 teachers who went that extra mile to give the children such special experiences and memories of their residential trips. It makes me proud of our school that the children are offered such fantastic opportunities and I know it wouldn’t be possible without the commitment and dedication of the teachers who give up their precious time and energy to make these things happen. Both the children had a wonderful time so thank you to all who were involved.” Parent, June 2021

“Thank you for your remote learning letter. We personally think the content on Purple Mash is fantastic for both our girls, and we can see an incredible amount of work has been put into planning carefully all the lessons. Of course as we are working parents, it is hard to juggle work and homeschooling, but we feel you are doing your very best to give us all the tools and content we need. We are very grateful, thank you so much.” Mrs X, January 2021

“I just wanted to say how lovely the Zoom call was today, and we appreciate the effort being made to enhance and support homeschooling after our previous concerns/wishes last week.” Jan 2021, Parent.

“Thank you for giving the children such a wonderful and magical Christmas lunch day yesterday. My daughter returned from school saying it was the BEST day ever. She enjoyed all the build up to this, making and then using their own table mats seemed to be the favourite activity, along with the two puddings! We very much appreciate the safe, welcoming, stimulating and fun environment that you have given the children over this first term back at school - they have flourished and truly enjoyed being back. We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work under such trying circumstances.” Mrs X, December 2020

“I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to everybody for doing such an amazing job during such a difficult time. Not once has X felt worried, and I can't imagine how much work has been involved in the ever-changing processes. I truly appreciate how X is taught and looked after at school and just wanted to say thank you.” Mrs X, December 2020

“I wanted to pass on my positive feedback re Mrs Coyle. I think it’s really important that great teachers are appreciated, so I wanted to pass on my thoughts.

Since starting back at school with Mrs Coyle as his teacher, X is so much happier to go to school, and talks about class work and activities.

He’s been coming home talking really enthusiastically and positively about the Black history he’s been learning, and touching upon really important topics around race and racism, which we feel Mrs Coyle is covering so well.

Last week, X said Mrs Coyle suggested the children could ask their parents why we think racism exists, and I think it was a really clever and interesting way of linking the class and home and getting the children to think, as well as parents.

We think Mrs Coyle is such a great, lovely teacher, and X is so happy with her as his teacher."  Mrs X, October 2020

“Thank you so much again for all you and the Surrey Hills team are doing to deliver our homeschooling provision. I can only imagine how much work is going on behind the scenes, in addition to caring for key-workers’ children, and now Year 6, at school. It is very much appreciated and while X & X miss school dreadfully, we are very lucky to have had such an engaging & varied programme of learning to role out at home over the past few months. 

Plus I have not been so clued-up on the Embedded Clause, Positional Pronouns, fronted adverbials, passive vs active dialogue or converting first person to third person since about 1987....!! “ Mrs X, June 2020

“I know I'm not alone in thinking, and knowing, that you are all truly wonderful.  

It's probably impossible to understand how challenging these last weeks have been, and how even more challenging the coming weeks will be.  As always, you've handled it, and will handle it, with amazing aplomb, clarity, care.and compassion.

So proud to be connected to Surrey Hills.

Huge admiration to you all.” Mr X, May 2020

“I just wanted to extend my thanks to you and all the staff at Surrey Hills School for the huge amount of work you have put in, to continue to engage and educate under such challenging circumstances. X & X miss school desperately which is a tribute to the caring and thriving school environment you have nurtured. They are coping fairly well under lock down and have proven to be fairly resilient learners too! They have responded well to the online learning, and they love the feedback comments and rewards from staff.

I am so grateful for all that you do, it is very much appreciated.

I know you will have a busy half-term, but I hope you are able to spend some quality time with your loved ones.” Mrs X, May 2020

“You are all doing a great job and can't thank you enough for getting some structure and more importantly learning into our lives again.

I must say some days its tough and most days is a proper juggle with full time job BUT I am thankful for all the efforts you and your team are putting together.” Mrs X, May 2020