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Parent Voice

We have been at Surrey Hills since 2015. We have always loved the school as our children have always been so happy here and have progressed well. There is a lovely community spirit. It is heart warming to see how the big children take the little ones under their wings and how the young ones adore the older pupils. There have been a few up and downs the past few years but the caring aspect of the school has always been there, mainly due to the incredible work of the staff who ensure children are motivated and behave in a respectful manner. I feel the school is definitely going in the right direction and that it is putting all efforts in to maximise the learning opportunities for all pupils. Assemblies are my favourite part of the week as every child is given the chance to shine whether it is for an academic or sports achievement or for finding the most beautiful rock on the beach! It seems to me there is a buzz and I am looking forward to more opportunities for our children.

My year 6 son has gained so much confidence in his learning this year. We moved school this year and the teachers at Surrey Hills have been so supportive, caring and encouraging, especially with neurodiversity. It's wonderful to see my child flourish again.

Surrey Hills All Saints School has been a transformative experience for my son, especially in his early years of education. The school's innovative approach seamlessly integrates nature into learning, fostering a genuine love for education. The nurturing environment and dedicated staff have laid a strong foundation for his academic and personal growth, making every day at the school a step toward a bright future.

A great community school that promotes learning and offers vibrant activities beyond the classroom as well!

When our daughter was finding things hard, everyone at the school was amazingly supportive and really went out of their way to help her. Thank you!

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful school in Westcott. It is forward-thinking in its curriculum and activities, but traditional in its values. And these values aren’t just words on the website but something the staff and pupils put into action every day, for example the generous welcome the school continues to give to Ukrainian refugees. My guess is that all the pupils will realise later in their lives how lucky they were to have this foundation.

My daughter has thrived at Surrey Hills. She has had fabulous teachers and the WOW days and trips have been amazing. Thank you :-)

Dear Mrs Fyson

We just wanted to email to say how delightful the year 6s have been during their bikeability training this week. Both groups were so polite and attentive during their training, they were a real pleasure to teach! The second group also had to deal with the disappointment of a bike malfunction on the last day meaning we had to change plans part way though the session and nobody complained, they just accepted our decision graciously! 
We are looking forward to next week and meeting the next two groups! 
Bikeability Lead Instructor