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School History

The first village school in Westcott was set up by the Barclay family of Bury Hill in Milton Street. The original building still exists as two private homes, the Laundry, and The Old School House. The current school was established as a coeducational day school in 1854, when the Milton Street School became too small to educate the growing number of children in Milton and Westcott. The School was built on land donated by the Fuller family of The Rookery, and extended in 2012. Originally, the pupils stayed at the school until the leaving age of fourteen to fifteen years. In 1948 the school became a primary school when pupils left to attend grammar or secondary modern schools.

In 2010, as a result of further rationalisation, the two schools Westcott and Abinger were amalgamated, with a new name, and a new governing body. A programme of building and refurbishment took place at the Westcott site, and the various changes necessary to conform to Ofsted requirements were introduced.

The school was centralised on one site in 2022, withdrawing from the Abinger site following a consultation period.