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Severe Weather


Severe Weather Plan for Parents and Families

Schools should, wherever possible, stay open in severe weather. They play a key role in their communities and by staying open help both their pupils and parents.” – Department for Education.

Every winter brings the possibility of snow and ice. Extreme bad weather can cause widespread and prolonged disruption. Schools are often affected, on rare occasions it can be difficult to maintain an education service at both sites.

As a fundamental principle every effort must be made to keep schools open, even if only limited numbers of pupils can attend. However schools may close due to “unavoidable‟ circumstances.

These would include:

  • occasions when there was an insufficient number of staff available on site to look after the pupils. This could be because of transport failure, road closures or severe weather such as snow or flooding. It could also be because of localised or pandemic illness.
  • damage to buildings which renders them unsafe or unsuitable for instance because of flooding, fire or collapse.
  • unsuitable conditions in a school, such as the consequences of a heating or lighting failure.

Our school will make every effort to prepare for severe snow/ice this winter by e.g. gritting pathways, clearing access points etc.

School Closure

If the school did need to close, up to date details will be posted on the school website. Parents would also receive a text message (please ensure the school office has up to date contact information). 

Web pages:

Radio Station


Eagle Radio  96.4 FM

West and Central Surrey

Heart Radio  102.7 FM

West Sussex and South East Surrey

Radio Jackie  107.8 FM

North East Surrey and South East Surrey

What can you do to help?

  • If you are a working parent or feel you may have a problem with a sudden earlier pick up, please could you put a back-up plan in place with another family member or parent and inform the school. This will allow staff to leave earlier for their safety if weather dictates.
  • Don’t forget suitable warm clothing – gloves, hats, scarves, wellies etc. or even a change of clothing.
  • Many thanks for your support in helping our school remain open during periods of severe snow/ice.

Access to school

Snow may limit access to the school but if students are able to get there then the school will make every effort to stay open to receive them. The condition of the roads and pavements outside a school are not the school's responsibility but that of the Highway service.