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Vision, Aims & Values

                                                       Our Vision


    ‘To aspire, grow and succeed together’


Our Aims and Ethos


  • To create a purposeful, aspirational, nurturing and safe environment within which our children build self-confidence and resilience
  • Provide an educational experience that enriches all within the school community engendering social, emotional, spiritual and cultural diversity
  • Deliver an inspirational and engaging curriculum, enabling every child to achieve and develop a lifelong love of learning


Our Values

Love                        Show love for ourselves and each other

Believe                   Have confidence in ourselves and in those around us

Respect                  Demonstrate respect for everybody and everything

Aspire                     To challenge ourselves, do our very best and work hard

Achieve                  To reach our full potential

Hope                       To make everyday a better one and envision the future



Our parents believe that:  

To aspire – to bring hope 

Is to support children to their individual potential 

Is to high expectations to reach their goals 

Is to aspire to educational excellence to allow each child to achieve their god-given potential. 

Is to give opportunities given beyond the classroom 

To grow – in the love of God, spiritual growth 

Celebrating growth 

Providing nurture 

Organic feel towards learning and growing 

Naturally a proud feeling to succeed 

To succeed together – as a school community 

Building on learning together 

Wonderful to have a school that makes the most of the setting around it 

Developing children as a whole 

As a result of this, children feel proud of themselves and their school 

It is lovely seeing children collectively celebrate each other's achievements  

Encourages children to strive 

Our children believe that:  

To aspire

The school encourages us to do well. 

We have lots of different opportunities eg sports, Bikeability, art, lego club 

You are encouraged to create your own clubs and follow your own interests. 

School showed me the love of reading and the different variety of books I can read.  

School helped me discover what my passion was and what I want to get better at.

To grow 

We grow our mindset to learn more. 

Opportunities make us feel proud and support makes us think we can succeed. 

Lots of outdoor learning and Forest School. Lots of school trips which help us to learn in different environments. This will help us when we change schools. 

Residentials are fun and help us learn teamwork and independence.  

To succeed together 

We are encouraged to develop each other eg in Collective Worship when we celebrate each other’s success and when pupils run the library. 

We work together in partners - your partner helps you and you help them. 

Our teachers really help us to aspire to do really well not just quite well. They really care. 


Our staff believe that:  

To aspire

Our curriculum is interesting and outward looking. It addresses many of the issues facing us in the 21st Century such as ecological issues, diversity and the importance of wellbeing. 

To grow 

Children flourish and care for each other and our natural world.

Learning outside enables children to develop spiritually and enhances wellbeing. 

To succeed together 

Friday Collective Worship is a very special time of the week. It is a joy to see children genuinely pleased for other children’s success.