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Vision & Values

Our Vision

We know that the primary school years are the most impressionable years where the foundations of learning need to be laid down. Cognitive development, reading and maths skills are secured, when language is acquired, curiosity and imagination are developed and when a child actually learns most of the skills and knowledge they require for life.

In these years, the children also develop a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, acquire personal values and self-knowledge, enriched through music, sport, art, drama, faith and a choice of school clubs and activities.

We call this ‘educating the whole child’. This is our mission.

It is something we are passionate about as educators and supported by GST and the Diocese of Guildford, we are committed to preparing the children in our care the best we can for their life beyond our school gates.


Core Values

We adopt these Values across all areas of the school, exploring with the children a different Value for each School term.

We Aspire - to do our very best and work hard

We Believe - in ourselves, to always have a go and try new thing

Love & Respect - Each other, helping, supporting & showing good grace

We take Responsibility - for our actions, our learning and our environment


School Aims:

Within a Christian ethos we aim to:

  • Provide an environment that supports the development of the whole child, academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally and morally
  • Maximise children’s learning potential
  • Promote high quality effective teaching
  • Achieve high quality learning
  • Develop effective learning environments
  • Recognise and celebrate achievement, attainment and effort
  • Foster creativity, enthusiasm, enjoyment, motivation, risk taking, independence and co-operation
  • Stimulate a desire for lifelong learning
  • Promote self-respect and respect for all people whatever religion, ethnicity, gender, ability or disability
  • Work with parents, other schools, the local authority and the Diocese in order to share good practice​​​​​​​