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New Barn 'blog' - Day 1

Hurray we're in Dorset! We arrived safely in time for lunch outside.  Very excitedly the children found their rooms, then straight out for a safety and site tour with Little Adam.  Next came orienteering, with Big Adam - three maps and lots of searching for the hidden letters (great teamwork and stamina).  After a little break to settle in and unpack, it was supper time.  Huge portions and some amazing appetites!  Problem solving games were next, followed by the England game (tense to the end) or some free time inside and out.  After a cup of hot chocolate, a final biscuit (and tooth brushing) ... into bed.  All quite soon after 10pm and hopefully they won't be up with the larks!  They're having a great time... and so are we.   More news tomorrow!  Mrs Kong