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New Barn 'Blog' - Day 3

A much better night's sleep and refreshed children started the day happy and excited.  Today was Anglo Saxon's day and another action packed one.  Activities included: poultice making, butter churning and chalk sculpting. Much excitement was added to the day when the Wessex and Mercia tribes joined in celebration of a marriage between two of our young charges!  Also, a story in a very dark and smoky round house and more lessons in weaponry and warfare from Ragnor, the Viking (brother of Maximus Davidus!).  Early evening, we strolled through the meadow to a camp fire where we enjoyed burgers, chips and ice-cream.  The day concluded with energetic dancing at the long awaited disco.  After a final hot chocolate, all is now quiet.   Packing up in the morning.  What a trip!  The children have been wonderful and many would like to stay 'one more day'.   See you on Thursday.