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Year 6 Leavers Service

On Monday 25th June, we attended the Year 6 Leaver’s Service at Guildford Cathedral. Walking into the newly refurbished building was super exciting- it was such a lovely space to come together and celebrate our time at primary school. We participated in a range of activities to allow  us to reflect on our time at Surrey Hills, celebrate our many achievements and consider the changes that lay ahead as we move on. 

‘I really enjoyed the service because we did really fun activities and the bit where we sand was    really good because I really likes the song choices’ Cameron.

‘Guildford Cathedral was a great day to end the year and say goodbye to Surrey Hills. We had so much fun and will always have it as a memory to keep through secondary all the way to adulthood’ Brooke.

‘It was a great way to end the year because we got to spend time all together and we also go to think about things that we have done throughout primary school and look back on fond memories.’ Kate.