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​​​​​​​Spotlight on Squirrels Class​​​​​​​

This week Squirrels class have started looking at Oliver Twist. Using their research of Victorian Workhouses and looking at different versions of the story, including Charles Dicken’s original, they have been writing diary entries as if they were one of the boys living in there. Some fantastic use of language has been used by them including the word porringer!

Within Science, we have started to look at habitats. We investigated the school grounds and found some worms, woodlice, a tiny spider and the potential home of a badger or fox. Carefully, we examined them through magnifying glasses and looked at their physical features. We then discussed about why we found them in certain places before respectfully placing them back exactly where they were found.

‘It was fun and interesting to see the animals close up’ - Sascha

‘I was amazed and shocked to find out what the workhouses were like’ - Ethan